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$3,040,000 Verdict in Gary, IN

$3,040,000 Verdict in Gary, Indiana for Blackjack Dealer Awarded for Slip and Fall on Ice in Trump Casino Parking Lot

NW Indiana Times Article

A blackjack dealer on his way to work slipped and fell on an icy patch in the Trump Casino parking lot (operated by Buffington Harbor Trust). He suffered spinal injuries, which necessitated surgery. The surgery led to a bone infection where partial vertebrae were replaced with a metal cage-like structure to provide stability.

The casino and its lawyers argued the worker should have been aware of the ice and that the parking lot was clear.

Attorney Jeff Shaw was able to locate the original contract between the casino and the plow company which showed the company had been called to the scene, but had not been called back by the casino after snow had continued to accumulate after the plows had left earlier that same night.

Eventually, the casino fired the worker for being unable to perform his duties.

The jury found for the worker and awarded $4,000,000 (reduced to $3.04M for comparative fault) in damages.

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