We Try Hard to Win Because We Care -- But We Have Experience That Other Law Firms Don't Have

Let's face it.

We've been doing this a long time.  The lawyers of Shaw Law Offices -- the Indiana Slip and Fall Attorneys -- are not "spring chickens."


We love battling the big businesses and insurance companies and their corporate lawyers.  We've been battling them for decades.

Like Muhammad Ali the boxer famously said, "It's Not Bragging if You Can Back it Up."

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So, here's 5 things we do a little bit differently than other lawyers to help ensure you the big results we've accomplished in the past:

1.  We Visit the Site Where You Were Injured

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

You'd be surprised to know how many personal injury attorneys don't do it -- in fact, most don't leave their office chairs much.

As a young lawyer, I learned a harsh lesson. During one of my jury trials, I asked a question concerning the road where the collision had occurred.

I asked about an intersection where a road lane markings had been.  The witness corrected me and insisted that the markings were different at the time of the wreck.

We still won that case, but it taught me a lesson -- always visit the site where the injury occurred.

You'd be surprised how many personal injury lawyers still rely upon photographs or other depictions without visiting the site where the injury occurred.

There's something inherently invaluable in seeing the area -- your questions in your mind can make more sense.

One wrongful death jury trial, the defendant truck driver insisted he had nowhere to get off the road during a snowstorm -- so he plowed ahead and killed my client.  But because we had visited the scene, I was able to recall an abandoned gas station with a large parking lot about a mile before the wreck.  On cross-examination he admitted the abandoned gas station was there.  The case settled for a large amount a few minutes later.  (DIsclaimer:  Each case is different.  Your facts might vary.  We make no guarantees of any settlement or outcome. The prior anecdote was to display the importance of preparation and hard work.  Your results might be different.).

2.  We Ask the Other Side for Real Information Based Upon the Facts of the Case -- We Do Not Just Send Out "Form" Questions

Once again, you'd be surprised that some personal injury attorneys just send out forms or templates of types of accidents.

Shaw Law Offices doesn't do that.  We listen to you.  And if we send out written questions to the other side (often called "interrogatories"), we do it to find out real details of what really happened.

3.  We Research the Laws -- No, Really -- We Know the Current State of the Law

This one might be academic or obvious -- we research the law in your case.

Now, you might be a little frightened to know that some other personal injury attorneys might not be doing that.  After all, what's the sense of hiring a lawyer who doesn't "know" the laws, right?

Well, in all fairness, it's a tricky business.  Laws come in many formats -- statute books, regulations and other cases -- and it can be a difficult, time-consuming task to keep abreast of all the ever-changing laws.

4.  We Use the Latest Techniques to Win Slip and Fall Cases

I don't just mean we try hard (although we do).

But, we have decades of experience that has allowed us to make things happen.  We have extensive contacts with expert witnesses throughout the nation to help establish industry standards and the obligations (standards of care) that businesses and other landowners should be doing to make their property reasonably safe for customers and tenants. We've used all kinds of expert witnesses -- some who measure the "slipperiness" of a floor where water was and some who have years of experience in running hotels or restaurants or stores.  We've had OSHA experts and Risk Management experts and all kinds of others to help you establish the standard of care for a jury to consider.

We've also kept up with our continuing legal education through the years.  In fact, in just the prior 3 years, we've attended dozens of hours of seminars from some of the nation's leading lawyers and learned new discovery techniques that have helped us win cases and increase the value of those cases.  Seminar Slideshow from Nationally Recognized 30(b)6 Expert Lawyer We've Studied With Extensively

This includes a relatively new and evolving area of law known as the Trial Rule 30(b)6 deposition technique -- a method of investigating slip and falls by asking the corporation or business entity to come into a recorded interview and divulge all facts and opinions it currently has or should have.  It's a fascinating technique that has made me a better lawyer and could help you, too.

5.  We Love Our Job and We Love to Win

To us, this isn't just a "job."  We love what we do.  We love helping injured people get justice.  It's what we live for.

We Get You Back on Your Feet.

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