Value of Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Not Every Lawyer Can Handle a Brain Injury Case.

Jeff Shaw and Shaw Law, LLC has done so and will do so.

We integrate a highly technical slideshow presentation to explain the workings of a brain injury upon a person.  It is important to teach a jury how the brain works and how it can be injured right off the bat.

The problem with the phrase mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) is that these injuries can sometimes be anything but mild. You have to remember that the brain is not much harder than Jell-O. When an acceleration and deceleration happens quickly, our brain is actually shaking inside your head such that the front of your brain hits the skull and then the back of your brain hits the skull.  Your brain acts like a ping-pong ball inside of those bingo or lottery balls you see on TV -- going front and back or side to side.

Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of the damage to the brain. Some symptoms appear immediately, while others do not surface until some time after the accident. A person with a mild traumatic brain injury may also feel dazed or out of sorts for days or even weeks after the initial injury. Other symptoms of a mild brain injury include headache, light-headedness, mild confusion or memory loss, dizziness, blurred vision or tired eyes, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and mood or behavioral changes.

That can cause a real injury. Early MTBI symptoms may at first appear mild - we have clients that do not know that they are badly hurt - but lead to significant, life-long impairment in a person physically, cognitively, and psychologically. It is not a lawyer generated theory that mild traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent injury. It is a medical fact that it occurs in approximately 15% of MTBI cases. But the medical definition of mild is different from the ones we use as lay people.

Defining Mild Traumatic Brain Injury for a Jury

We define a MTBI for the jury right away.  We explain and debunk many myths about TBI or traumatic brain injuries such as:

1.  The Brain is Like Jello inside a Jagged, Sharp Skull

2.  Not every Brain Injury Can be Seen on an MRI or CT Scan

3.  "Mild" Brain Injuries Can Last Longer and Have Worse Long-Term Effects Than "Severe" Brain Injuries

4.  There is no such things as a Standard Recovery Time, Every Brain is Different

5.  Every Brain Injury Starts Out as a Concussion

6.  A Concussion is by Definition a Brain Injury, Sometimes called an MTBI

7.  Brain Injuries Heal at Different Speeds

8.  Not Every Brain Injury Results in Cognitive Deficits

9.  Brain Injury Science is Just Starting to Discover and Research the Brain

10.  Neuropsychologists are Real Medical Treaters Often Referred by Neurosurgeons for Help in Diagnosing Brain Injuries

Other Issues Dealing with Brain Injury Claims

For personal injury lawyers in Maryland handling serious brain injury cases, there is often an assortment of different issues. Often, the injured victim needs a next friend or guardian, usually a parent, spouse, or adult child to act on their behalf with a limited or durable power of attorney. This is because the brain injury patient may have the ability to reason or make judgments regarding the administration of their personal injury case and more fundamental details like personal financial decisions and administration. (This is also true in medical malpractice cases for birth injuries - particularly CP - not caused by trauma.)

Our attorneys assist our clients not only in dealing with their personal injury case against the negligent driver but also in the helping the victim and their family with the legal and administrative details they will certainly face.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Brain Injury Claim

On thing is for sure: hiring a lawyer for a brain injury case is different from hiring a lawyer for a general, garden variety personal injury case. You need a law firm that has handled these claims.

Value and Verdicts

Brain injury cases have some of the largest settlements and verdicts ever recorded in the United States.  Your Choice of Attorney is Vital on these Cases.

Ask Jeff Shaw to see his demonstrative Brain Injury Presentation Opening for a Jury.  We will be happy to show you our trial techniques in the office during your consultation.

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