Top 5 Questions Everyone Has When Injured

Whats my case worth

It is literally impossible to know.

Each person is different.  Each injury is different.  Each judge is different.  Each jury is different.

Be very, very wary of attorneys who offer you promises of value or pretend to "know" what your settlement is worth.  That is a fool's bluff.

There are an infinite amount of things that can happen during a lawsuit that drive up or drive down the value of your case -- including the conduct of the defendant, investigation, your doctor's testimony or some other unknown variable.

But, there are some rules that seem to exist.  And we've tried to help by providing you with some common injuries we have seen through the years with their results.

Rule #1

The settlement value of a claim increases over time.

More than 95% of the time, the value of a case will increase from the time before suit is filed to the time of trial. We have had cases where the pre-trial offer was more than 50 times the pre-suit offer.

Attorney Jeff Shaw has had TWO separate Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts ($1,000,000+ verdicts) where the offer to settle at mediation was $5,000 or less.

Insurance companies tend to want to eliminate risk.  Standing in front of a jury is risky for both sides.  Insurance companies will often, therefore, offer more money to settle right before a trial than at the beginning of your case.

Rule #2

Insurance companies offer less if they do not respect your attorney's capabilities.

Insurance Companies are paid to deny you money.  They are in the business of discouraging you and making you afraid.  Most insurance companies realize that the great majority of personal injury attorneys rarely, if ever, go to a jury trial.

Attorney Jeff Shaw has personally tried hundreds of trials in his career, including dozens of jury trials on personal injury matters.

Rule #3

The more serious the injury, the more likely your settlement offer will be larger.

Settlements and jury verdicts tend to be based upon the serious nature of the injury.  This can be attritubuted to Indiana's laws regarding recovery for damages in civil cases which includes the pain and suffering involved and whether an injury is permanent or temporary in nature.

Only a doctor can determine whether your injury is temporary or permanent, not me or you.

Rule #4

The larger your amount of medical bills, the larger the settlement or verdict.

This used to be an ironclad rule, but insurance companies nowadays are taking a keener look to see if your medical bills were related to the accident in question or can be attributed to some unrelated or pre-existing condition.

Here at Shaw Law, LLC, we believe that every accident is preventable.  Every accident is due to someone's fault.  You should not have to bear the brunt of the negligence of someone else.

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