Slip and Falls at 7-Eleven Convenience Stores

7-Eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in the world.  It doesn't sell gas in Indiana any longer, but you can pick up small grocery items and soda pop or candy at high prices.

Convenience stores are everywhere in Indiana.  Thousands of these stores dot our Indiana landscape.  And with so many stores, there are so many different ways each of these independently or franchised-owned stores handle customer safety.  Some are handled very professionally and make the safest choices to keep customers safe; others do not.

7-Eleven slip and falls causing injuries are very common in Indiana.  Like most convenience stores, 7-Eleven has a written set of safety guidelines, but typically schedules too few employees to make certain things are done safely.  One big advantage of lawsuit for personal injuries against 7-Eleven convenience stores is that cameras generally exist and are actually hooked up to a central computer video system, unlike many convenience stores which have fake cameras or videotape over the incident every 24 hours.


If a slip and fall or trip and fall is recorded, it's important to see Shaw Law Offices early because the videotapes can mysteriously disappear (like many big chains) within weeks of the incident without a proper preservation letter to request preservation of this vital piece of evidence early in the claims process.

Like most convenience stores, 7-Eleven probably gets its greatest number of slip and falls just inside the doors, where foot traffic is heavy and people can drag inside the snow and water from snowy and icy or rainy conditions.

Some stores handle this problem effectively with frequent inspections and weather-resistant mats changed often.  Others ignore it and the customers pay with big injuries.

7-Eleven defends slip and fall injuries vigorously, like many Indiana businesses, so it's vital to get an experienced and effective personal injury attorney like Shaw Law Office early.  

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