Injury Cases We Accept include All Vehicle Collisions

The rules of the road require that other drivers must watch out for our safety.

Driving is a privilege - not a right.

And too often, other drivers fail to follow simple rules that would prevent vehicle accidents.

In car accidents, we investigate the causes of the crash from the ground up -- we acquire the Standard Crash Report and talk with witnesses in a timely manner (not two years down the road like some others).

We talk with you to find out what really happened.

We help you the entire way so that while you are recuperating, we are doing the work.

We call the insurance companies and deal with property damage or getting your medical bills paid.

You don't need the hassles involved in those areas.  You just need to get better.

And when it's time to settle your case, we make a fair demand to the other driver's insurance company.  If they refuse to pay, we are ready to take it to the next step -- litigation.  And that's where we really shine.  We have over 55+ years of combined legal experience in the court room.

We can present your case in an efficient manner through our tried and true methods we've honed through the decades.

And that goes for semi-truck accidents, too.

There are more semi-trucks on our roads than ever before.  And here in northern Indiana, semi-truck drivers are everywhere on our roads.

We know truck accident law.  We know semi-trucks cause a lot of injuries in Indiana because our roads are filled with them.

The good thing is that the federal and state government regulate Commercial Drivers and require strict adherence to those rules.

And we know the rules. And can check if the Commercial Driver that caused your accident was following the rules.

This includes Semi-Drivers, Delivery Trucks or Cars, and business/delivery employees.

The regulations for commercial drivers are extensive and difficult to comprehend.

Here at Shaw Law Offices we have the experience and know-how to investigate whether the commercial driver was keeping proper logs, was overly fatigued or committed other violations that led to the collision.

We have handled truck and semi-trailer accidents, including school bus, cement trucks, constructions trucks, delivery trucks (or box trucks), UPS, FedEx or other delivery type vehicles, dump trucks, rental or moving trucks and other semi-truck or tractor type accidents.

We also accept automobile design defect cases including seat belt latching or seat belt failure cases or tire defect cases.

We also handle bicycle accidents, including mopeds and scooters or ATV accidents.


No matter the injury, call us. We will investigate to see if somebody is at fault.

All consultations are FREE.

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 We Get You Back on Your Feet.

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