Slip and Falls in Walmart Parking Lots or Inside Aisles

So, you've fallen and injured yourself at Walmart.  Now what do you do?

See "The 10 Steps You Need to Take to Win Your Case" above.

But, the most important of these steps is calling the right attorney.

Shaw Law Offices and Attorney Jeff Shaw has handled slip and falls against Walmart stores in Indiana.

Before you can recover anything for your injuries, you must still prove that the business was "at fault."  Figuring out whether the property owner is at fault for your slip and fall is done on a case-by-case basis by a court or jury.  In most instances for customers on a business property, you must prove the landowner did not act reasonably by breaching its duty to you of being "careful" like a normal business or person would be after inviting you on its property to shop or browse.

For Walmart, there are 3 typical instances how and where customers slip and fall:

  • On the sidewalk or parking lot where snow and ice can accumulate
  • Around where liquids are handled by customers -- usually the refrigerated aisles
  • Near the entrances (in between the sliding glass doors where the shopping carts are located or just inside the main floor sliding glass doors)

Shaw Law Offices and Attorney Jeff Shaw has handled dozens of slip and falls against Walmart stores throughout the State of Indiana.

In Indiana, it is often sued in its legal name, Wal-Mart Stores East, LLP.

Walmart hires only a few lawyers to defend itself in each state and they typically are very experienced and good attorneys.  I have had dozens of cases with each lawyer in Indiana.

One of the truly unique things about Walmart is that the mere size of this behemoth allowed it to create its own investigation company -- called CMI -- to defeat your claim.  They will lie to you and attempt to take your statement with false promises -- all designed to defeat your case.

Remember, do not talk to CMI -- hire an attorney and do things the right way.

Many cases against Walmart involve both slip and falls in the parking lots outside the store when snow and ice removal or maintenance was not done correctly and inside the store on spills. Sometimes, boxes or shelves collapse upon unsuspecting customers.

Walmart has extensive training of its employees to take prevent such matters from occurring.  This training is typically done by a Computer Based Learning Module or CBL.

Hours and hours of videotapes exist that an experienced attorney can review to check and verify that training is followed.

I have taken dozens of Walmart employees' depositions throughout the years to inquire about such matters.


Additionally, Walmart has a large hierarchy of managers and shift leaders that must be aware of all store problems and take remedial action quickly.

Finally, Walmart Stores has probably the single best videotape system in the United States.  I have reviewed more videotapes of slips and falls or trips on slippery floors in Wal-Mart than all other convenience stores and grocery stores combined.  The pixels aren't always great, but Walmart cameras cover much more area than Meijer or other large box stores.

Oftentimes, Walmart stores have contracts with local snow plow companies to salt and plow snow and remove ice from the parking lots.  A careful examination of these contracts is necessary to know whether the provisions were followed correctly.

It's important to have an experienced slip and fall attorney review the snow and ice removal and maintenance contracts.  Each of them are different.  It's important to know if the contract with the snow plow company was adhered to or has inherent flaws that made the parking lot or sidewalks unreasonably dangerous for customers to walk upon.

Serious injuries can occur when somebody falls on ice.  It's important to know how to proceed.

Attorney Jeff Shaw has read literally dozens of these contracts and contacted several experts throughout the years to give an opinion as to whether the injury suffered was preventable.

Contact Shaw Law Offices today Toll Free at (855) DID-U-FALL / (855) 343-8325 to investigate your Walmart injury. 

Don't be embarrassed and assume it's your fault if you fall down.

Anybody can Fall.

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