As the price of gasoline began to skyrocket in the late 2000s, more and more people began to look to alternative forms of transportation to ease the cost crunch.  Many people leaned towards the cheaper, newer types of transportation knowns as mopeds or scooters.

Unfortunately, the popularity of mopeds and scooters led to an increasing amount of traffic accidents involving those vehicles due to visibility problems of drivers seeing the smaller, quicker vehicles on the street.

Additionally, confusing laws regarding whether the mopeds or scooters were to be treated as bicycles or vehicles on Indiana roads, streets and highways also contributed to the increasing accidents as both drivers of cars and mopeds struggled to abide the traffic laws.

New laws require license plates and State identification cards for drivers of 50cc cubic centimeter engine vehicles like scooters and mopeds and mini-bikes or mini-motorcycles.  Drivers can still drive, however, without licenses or insurance (Indy Star Article).

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Attorney Jeff Shaw has successfully tried moped and scooter accidents in the past (your results could vary). 

A recent Indy Star article highlighted one of those cases.  Click here for details about your moped/scooter case in Indianapolis.

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