Cincinnati Financial Corporation, commonly referred to as "Cincinnati Insurance" offers property insurance and casualty insurance, through The Cincinnati Insurance Company. The company ranks it as the 20th largest insurance company by market share in the nation.

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was founded in 1950 by four agents, including brothers John Jack Schiff and Robert Cleveland Schiff.

I often come across "Cincinnati Insurance", in my own experience, for slip-and-falls on commercial properties.  Sometimes, they adjust automobile accident cases, too.

With regard to slip-and-falls, Cincinnati Insurance takes an unrealistic, hard-line approach.  They often refuse to acknowledge liability on part of its insured -- even when liability is clear.  Subsequently, Cincinnati Insurance tends to undervalue the extent of a claimant's injuries and will blame pre-existing conditions or post-fall events to explain away causation and pain-and-suffering.

With regard to automobile claims, Cincinnati Insurance is not particularly difficult to work with, which makes it difficult to reconcile the behavior of its property insurance adjusters and valuations.

The best course of action when dealing with Cincinnati Insurance is "Better Call Shaw".  We get you back on your feet.


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