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Be Smart.

When you are injured by the careless actions of others, there's only one smart thing to do...."Better Call Shaw."

We have the knowledge necessary to win your slip and fall case across all of Indiana and the entire country.

We know slip and falls.  In fact, it's in our name -- Shaw Law Offices, Indiana Slip and Fall Attorneys.

And we are ""

Now some people might have heard incorrect information about lawsuits:

I've heard Slip and Fall Cases Can't be Won. Is That True?

No.  Shaw Law Offices has won hundreds of cases of slip and fall settlements/jury trials through the years. We have a tried and true method of handling these matters to conclusion. Simply call and we can provide a list of results in prior cases.

You can recover full compensation for your economic damages like lost wages and medical bills, plus non-economic damages like mental anguish and pain and suffering.  Each case is different and no results are ever guaranteed in this world, but it can be done.

Do I Have to Pay Attorneys' Fees or Expenses Upfront?

No.  We never, ever charge you a fee upront.

And you don't pay us.  We take a percentage of every win instead.

So, in effect, the other side is paying our fees because they have value added that into their offer to settle.

Consultations are Free at Your Home or Hospital or wherever you'd like to meet.And if we settle or win, the fees are coming from the settlement monies paid by the landowners or insurance company.

Or you can even hire us online right now -- from the comfort of your home.

Why should I hire Shaw Law Offices?

Simple.  It's the smart thing to do.

Our name says it all and we have the results to prove it.

Plus, we donate a percentage of every verdict that we collect to a worthwhile non-profit community- or state-wide organization of your choice to help achieve goals of keeping Indiana communities safe for future generations to come.

That donation is our gift to the community.  And you get to choose from a list of charitable or worthwhile organizations that we provide.

In other words, we put our money where our mouth is.

It's a Win-Win.  If you win your case, you help make your community safer in the process.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer? Won't the Business Just Pay My Medical Bills and That's the Most I can Expect?

Yes, you should hire an experienced lawyer like Shaw Law Offices.

The insurance company for the business will not pay your medical bills.  They will deny your claim.  They will act like they are willing to pay if you don't hire an attorney, but in the end, they blame you.

Business landowners like Walmart and the thousands of restaurants, retail stores and apartment buildings (and their insurance companies) defend these cases vigorously.

Not because you weren't hurt -- but rather because Indiana landowners have many strong protections under the law.

And you can recover more than just medical bills or other economic damages -- things like pain and suffering, permanent injury, impairment, and disfigurement from surgeries can be recovered, too.

Won't I be Blamed by the Defense for for Not Being Careful?

Not always.  Many times, it is the fault or partial fault of the landowners who did not follow simple safety rules.

Most big landowners have written rules for keeping the property safe for customers or hire others to do so. We've discovered numerous times the landowner or contractor did not follow those rules which resulted in unnecessary injuries to unsuspecting customers or tenants.

This evidence can then be used in settlement negotiations or court to help you win your case.

Will I be Forced to Go to Court?

Statistics show most personal injury cases settle.  Although each case is different and no results are guaranteed, we have learned the best settlements happen when your case is fully investigated and prepared -- the right way.

Of course, every case is different and we make no guarantees that your case might settle or not. And sometimes a jury trial is the only way to get you fair compensation.  If so, we will work with you every step of the way.

Falls can be embarrassing and can injury you.  You might not know where to turn.

Anybody can Fall. 

We Get You Back on Your Feet.

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We Get You Back on Your Feet -- Better Call Shaw !

NO FEE UNTIL WE WIN. After we win, we make your community safer by donating 2.5% of all attorneys' fees to a community or state wide organization that (1) promotes safety conscious goals and (2) is a 503(C) charitable organization (non-profit). We Care About The Safety of Your Community