Pre-Existing Conditions

The other insurance company and its lawyer are searching for complaints of pain and injuries to the same parts of your body in the past.

Although Indiana allows damages to be awarded for pre-existing conditions that get worse due to an accident, juries tend to award lower amounts for injuries that preexisted, rather than were caused, by an accident.  And auto insurance companies and their defense lawyers know this trick.  So, they search and search for prior complaints of pain or injury to the same parts of the body you've injured in this claim or accident.

Oftentimes, a defense lawyer will say "If a window in a broken down house was shattered by an accident should the defendant pay for the broken window or the cost of replacing the entire house?"

Remember, only your doctor can testify whether an injury or pain was caused by the accident or incident.  Your complaints will be noted by the doctor in his records (hopefully), but it takes medical testimony to establish this fact under Indiana law for a jury to assess damages.

The best method is to be entirely truthful about your past medical conditions.  A jury will not award damages if they feel you lied or embellished your past medical history.

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