Concussions Are on The Rise and Can Be Serious Brain Injuries

Getty_rm_photo_of_illustration_of_a_concussionA concussion is a brain injury. It can be serious and have life-long effects upon the person injured.  The days of a "mild" concussion are gone forever as medical science has advanced to show that even a mild brain injury can be permanent.

Concussions are on the rise.

Theycan happen in even low-impact auto collisions.  A brain injury occurs when your brain accelerates and decelerates quickly in your head -- like whiplash.  Some doctors call this effect "coup-contrecoup."  It means your soft brain is impacting the bony hard skull too fast and too hard.  It gets bruised.

Here at Shaw Law Offices we have handled numerous brain injury cases.  Even a concussion is a serious brain injury that can lead to a lifetime of future problems.  Just ask the NFL about concussions and future problems.

You might need further neuropsychological expert testing to determine if your brain has been injured and what the effects of the injury might be.

Shaw Law Office has worked with various neuropsychologists for over 20+ years in helping clients with these types of problems.

Every brain injury is serious.  Even concussions.  Come talk to us today for FREE.

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